How to Search for Domain Name Ideas: 5 Unusual Tools to Find Great Domains

How do you find great domain names? How do you search for domain name ideas? Here are 5 unusual tools to help you find the perfect domain name!

Do you spend a lot of time searching for a domain name or maybe a new idea for your upcoming website project?

Choosing a good domain name is really important. A good domain name begins with memory and ends with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you take your favorite websites, for example, you will notice that most of them have memorable domains. Also, most of them can be easily typed into the search bar with fewer chances of misspelling. Good domains are descriptive and unique while great domains built popular brands of their own.

So, how do you find great domains? How do you search for domain name ideas?

When choosing a domain name, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is super important. SEO will determine the success of your website, blog or ecommerce store. So, make an extra effort and make sure the name is SEO-friendly as well.

The process of searching for a domain name should start by brainstorming on a piece of paper. If you don’t have any ideas, there are lots of domain name search generators that can help you. We aren’t suggesting to rely on these generators but use them to stimulate your creativity and come up with interesting domain name ideas.

We would like to present to you 5 unusual tools that can help you find great domains:

These 5 tools are not that is all out there on the market. These are the best ones, however, there are others you may also consider such as Upname.com, Domainr, SuggestName, Dot-o-mator, MIosota.net, BustaName, and etc. Try and see whether these websites and tools will help you get through the domain brainstorming process. You may discover some great new ideas, combinations, and examples you can use to create a killer domain name.

Have fun!

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