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Affordability is a priority for many customers. Even though you are a business person, at one point you are a customer. Web hosting services is a good example of a situation where you become a customer. As you know, the primary goal of an entrepreneur is offering the best service at the least cost. In this essence, when seeking a hosting provider, you want one offering reliable services at a low price. You do not add excess costs or create a burden as you start selling online.

However, finding a cheap web hosting provider in Canada and the USA can be hectic. Mainly when reliability and quality are your priority, it can be a mind-boggling affair. You will come across a thousand and one hosting providers who promise heaven but deliver hell in return.  To save you from this experience here is how to identify an affordable hosting in the two countries:

Check the servers speed

Server speed is ultimate for online sellers. How faster your website loads determine the number of visitors you will receive and how many will convert into buyers. You do not expect a customer to wait for your site to load if it is taking an hour after clicking the link.

As you know, loading speed is the backbone of the online customer experience. A fast loading site will always make more sales and keep customers smiling.  Hence, when searching for cheap hosting services, do not look at the price tag alone. Ensure the offer includes a high-speed server guarantee.

Prioritizes uptime

No need for stories. If you are not new to online selling, you understand that your availability matters. You should be accessible and reachable any time your customers need your services and help. All this depends on the uptime. So, if your site is always down, making sales can only happen in imaginations.

Before subscribing to a web hosting service due to the promise of a cheap offer, ensure you will have a reliable uptime. A 99% uptime guarantee is the ultimate option. Anything below this mark is a fallacy. Hence, always prioritize uptime in your web hosting finding mission.

Ensure you get what you pay for

A wise person said that marketing is a lie. The goal of every marketer is to win you on their side using strong words that do not reflect what you will get in return. In the cheap web hosting market, you will come across terms like unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. However, you should not assume this is what you will get. Always go through the terms and conditions statements to know the exact services offered to you. Remember, unlimited has some limits too.